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About Me

My story will begin in the middle. Mid 30s, I found myself divorced and facing the daunting task of bringing up my young daughter alone. I had given up a successful business to raise a family… and all was seemingly cosy. Well, it was not to be. 

My dream to that point had been utterly smashed… Divorce was never in the plan. What was I to do? I was consumed by making my daughter’s life everything a parent ever wants for their child. I wasn’t thinking straight and I didn’t think I had any options. I had to look after her and I had to earn money. I had zero clarity about what I wanted to do, about what I should do or even, what I could do. 

I put myself last and jumped at the first thing my head, and others, told me would work out well for my daughter. There seemed only one pathway open to me. Teaching. That way, I could be with her all the time… So, thats what I did. I thought it was the solution. I started working in my daughter’s school while studying all hours to become a teacher.

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A few years down the line, teaching proved not quite the easy gig public opinion would have you believe. Yes, I had the holidays, but term times were demanding emotionally as well as physically, and I found myself spending less and less time with her.

Guilt began to creep in. Big time GUILT! 

Burn out would inevitably follow….

I was moving through phases of my life without much thought or consideration of my choices and pathways. I never even stopped to consider the possibility that I might actually have choices. Any idea that came to mind, I would dismiss without exploring fully. Looking back now, I do wonder what might have been, but I don’t dwell on these thoughts for long. I am firmly looking to the future! 

Fast forward nearly 15 years, my daughter went off to uni and suddenly it dawned on me that I did have options… Without consciously realising what I was doing, I had started coaching myself. I began asking myself probing questions about what I truly wanted. I saw how I had been stumbling through life, always fire-fighting, always trying to make everything perfect for the people I loved. I had never stopped to consider that there might be other roads to follow. Until I did. I began to learn everything I could about the coaching techniques that I had intuitively been using on myself. What did I really want? Who knew? Not me, that’s for sure! The jumble sale of all the expectations I had loaded onto myself over the years needed sorting out. I needed to assess where I was in order to work out where I wanted to go. 

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Having spent many hours, weeks, months, and now years, learning the techniques, practising them, developing my own personal style of coaching, I am now an Internationally Accredited Coaching Master and a Certified NLP Practitioner.

I have worked on my own transformation, discovering my own wonderfully challenging goals for every aspect of my life and taking positive action to realise them. The clarity I have gained through this deeply engrossing and enlightening process has led me from being an exhausted teacher with no clear forward vision, to a life of clarity and positivity for the future. I have transformed my life to the extent that I love my job, I’m not exhausted, except exhilaratingly so, and I can work to my own tune whenever and from wherever I want. 

Do you relate to any of my story? 

Are you wondering if I can help you too? 

Click the link below and book a Complimentary Discovery Session today.

Why should you choose me?

When you choose to work with me, you choose to let yourself be open to all the endless possibilities at your feet. 

You choose to create your own destiny.

You choose to understand and appreciate everything you have available to you.

You choose mental clarity and life transformation.

You deserve it!

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My Ethos and Expertise


My coaching style is calm yet thorough. We will work at a pace that is comfortable for you but you will be challenged. You will have to dig deep. However, it will be worth it for the payback which has the power to totally transform your life.

I am an Internationally Accredited Coach with The Coaching Masters and the IAPC&M

I am a Certified NLP Practitioner

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours

I am a Business Owner 

I have been where you are now!

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