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Welcome to My World of Coaching...


Coaching is the gateway to realising 

Your desires 

To get from where you are now to where 

You want to be

I ask powerful and thought provoking 


To clearly set out your desires and goals 

And priorities 

Using informed intuition and expertise 

To guide you 

My coaching will arm you with the tools to 

Take action and

Transform your life!

A Little About Me

Perhaps you’re wondering how I can help you. After my divorce, I stumbled through life for  years, simply accepting whatever was thrown my way… Never stopping to really figure out what it was I truly wanted. I retrained and became a teacher so I could be more present for my daughter.

Unhappy and exhausted in my career, and riddled with guilt that I wasn’t enough for my daughter, I started to work on myself quite by default:

What options did I have?

Could I do something else?

Could I be someone else? 


I started reading and learning. I used coaching techniques, including NLP, to identify my goals and find real clarity for the first time. I am now an Internationally Accredited Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner. I have transformed my life to the extent that I love my job. I’m not exhausted, except exhilaratingly so, and I can work to my own beat whenever and wherever I want. 

I deserve this and SO DO YOU!

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Your coaching journey will be conducted virtually. We begin by assessing where you are at in your life right now.


We will work to uncover your deepest desires and needs through thought provoking questions. You will experience increasing levels of clarity from the very first session…


My powerful techniques and questions will lead you to self discovery and the clarity to set goals. I aim to create a vision for your future which is entirely within your control.

Group sessions at DQ Coaching  are built around client requests and are on a ‘When there’s a need’ basis. I offer my existing clients Workshops and Masterclasses on targeted areas, such as:

  • Discover your one ‘Why’

  • What do I really want? 

  • Letting go of beliefs that don’t serve me!

I’m happy to take your requests to join one of these bespoke group sessions. Get in touch and let’s arrange it!

How To Achieve Clarity And Transform Your Life 

...From Where You Are Right


This book will take you on a journey of discovery... It's free, so go ahead and request it now.

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