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My Coaching

During a Complimentary Discovery Session with me, you will have the opportunity to ask all of your questions. We see if we have that all important chemistry between us and decide if we want

to work together. I show you some of the powerful coaching techniques I use, and you will receive some valuable coaching too. I use this time to really get to know your needs and desires so I can tailor your programme to fit your goals. Every one of my clients has a bespoke programme. I do not believe in ‘one size fits all’. It doesn’t. You are unique!

This is your opportunity to begin the journey towards identifying your true goals, finding clarity and ultimately, transforming your life.


‘You seem to have an innate ability to hear beyond the words… you really listen… two-tier listening. I haven’t encountered this before, and you have coaxed my inner thoughts to emerge in words for the very first time.’ 

Lucy D 

Hampshire UK

  • Are you uncertain about your next steps in your career or business?

  • Has a professional or personal relationship you thought was rock solid let you down? 

  • Do you find yourself at a standstill because you have too many options? Or too few?

  • Is there too much ‘fuzz’ around what your priorities are?

  • Are you unable to see what is available to you?

  • Do you need clarity about how to move forward?

  • Are you paralysed by fear of making a change?

  • Do you want to transform your life?

Coaching is the gateway to realising your desires.

My coaching will arm you with the tools to take action to get from where you are now to where you want to be. I ask powerful and thought provoking questions. Using my informed intuition and expertise, I will lead you to clearly set out your goals, prioritise them and go for them! 

When you decide to work with me, you choose to let yourself be open to all the endless possibilities

that are available to you. You choose to create your own destiny. You choose to understand and appreciate everything you have. You choose clarity, life transformation and the way ahead.

You deserve it!

My coaching style is calm yet thorough. We will work at a pace that is comfortable for you, but you

will be challenged. You will have to dig deep. However, it will be worth it for the payback which has

the power to transform your life totally.

I am an Internationally Accredited Coach with The Coaching Masters and IAPC&M

I am a Certified NLP Practitioner

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours

I am a Business Owner

And I have been where you are now

'Darshana acted as an intuitive and skilled guide, allowing me to explore some deeper blocks and

limiting beliefs that I hadn’t even realised existed below the surface.'

Aimee M-M

Alberta Canada

Perhaps you’re worried about the cost? My coaching programmes are affordable, and payment plans

can be personalised to suit your circumstances. This one investment has the power to totally transform your life… It has to be is worth finding out more!

Take the opportunity to ask all of your questions during our complimentary Discovery Session.

Click the link below and book today!

There will be action to take… Of course there will. Life transforming change requires commitment and action. Rest assured, I will support you every step of the way. However, If you have committed to the work and still not seen a benefit from our sessions within 30 days, I will give you your money back.

This is my commitment to you. 

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