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What My Clients Say

Ashley _edited.png

Choosing to work with Darshana has been one of the most life-changing decisions I have ever made. Not only has she helped me identify and overcome my limiting beliefs, but she has also held me accountable for my actions from day one. 

Our  sessions have provided me with the focus and determination to achieve every milestone we set together, and her unwavering support has ensured that I remain on track and committed to achieving my goals.


Working with Darshana has been an absolute pleasure and her own unique experience has given her a deep understanding of the damaging impact that limiting beliefs can have on one's life.  With her guidance and support, I have truly blossomed and become the best version of myself.


I am forever grateful for her help and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.  

Ashley W

Aberdeenshire UK

In our very first session Darshana was so helpful and listened to what I needed help with. That very first session helped me in my role at work. However, then in what was just our second session, I had a light bulb or Ah ha moment thanks to Darshana’s coaching.


This moment has completely shifted my view of where I had been holding myself back in my working life, not from being successful but from working myself to mental exhaustion. Now in the same role this mental exhaustion has just lifted, and no longer weighs me down. I am clearer on what I need to do, not just in my job role but in my life moving forward.


I cannot thank Darshana enough, she is the best!!

Ian W

West Midlands UK

Gina 2 pic.jpg

Having recently been forced to reevaluate my life after a fragmented break up, I found myself without direction, existing from day to day. From the very first session, Darshana quickly and intuitively highlighted areas that I hadn’t recognised as holding me back. Her emotional acuity was spot on and she very quickly identified areas that she recognised as motivating factors, and highlighted those areas that presented as limiting factors. By exploring both sides, Darshana allowed me to find clarity in a path forward and free my mind from my self perceived limitations. 

Darshana is an incredibly kind and patient person and listens well. She never dismissed my thoughts, no mater how ill-perceived they were, but rather she tried to understand what was driving them and allowed me to see a way passed them, to transform them into possibility and opportunity. 

Although I still have a way to go, I feel refreshed, positive and ready to move forward, and am confident I will with Darshana’s guidance.

S J 

London UK

Vaidas Kaminskas_edited.jpg

I wanted to express my appreciation to you as my life coach. Working with you really made a positive impact in my life. There is nothing worse than feeling unfulfilled and not knowing my place in this world.


During life coaching sessions, you helped me to uncover what I want from life and I genuinely feel at peace with myself.The sense of direction seems more clear to me and that is a nice feeling.


Thank you!

Vaidas K

Hampshire UK

Zia Fernandez 2_edited.jpg

Words are not enough to express how thankful I am to Darshana. She quickly pulled off a great coaching session which opened up to new realization and uncovered some limiting beliefs that I never knew I had in me. She nailed it and worked with me in addressing those issues.


Thank you again, Darshana!

Zia F

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 


Darshana is genuinely gifted in her work. She listens with great sensitivity.


She has the ability to help you find your direction with clarity, clearing the clutter in your head and reconnect to your full potential. 

Thank you for all your help.

Manjit S

Essex UK

Sara Hathaway_edited.jpg

Darshana is an inspiring coach. Her unique way of listening and absorbing information and then gently reflecting your story back to you is awesome.

She has enabled me to challenge my mindset and my imposter syndrome which has invaluably given me clarity and clear goals to work towards, setting a journey of my own choosing.

I would highly recommend Darshana as a transformational coach as I cannot believe how my life has changed in such a short space of time due to the impact coaching can have. 


Thank you so much Darshana xx

Sara H

West Midlands UK

Belinda W_edited.jpg

Darshana is an incredibly intuitive coach; she can tell just how you're feeling before you even say anything just by your body language. She not only listens to what you are saying she reads between the lines of what you're not saying.


Darshana is a kind, calm and thoughtful coach. She is understanding and empathetic however she will hold you to account because she is so passionate at helping you achieve clarity and set your goals so you can create the future of your dreams. She has been a tonic when I have been feeling really low and doubting myself. I am now on the path to my dreams and I couldn't have done it without her.


If you are looking for help working out what it is you are missing in your life or what it is you want next for your life then I would highly recommend Darshana.

Belinda W

Essex UK

Darshana acted as an intuitive and skilled guide, allowing me to explore some deeper blocks and limiting beliefs that I hadn’t even realised existed below the surface. She was gentle and encouraging in her approach, shifting techniques seamlessly, as needed, to make sure that I was gaining the insights I needed to move beyond and forward.


Thank you Darshana. It was truly an enlightening and liberating experience. 

Aimee M-M

Alberta Canada

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